Magna Europa -Skadi-

Why I created this blog!

Heilsa Everyone,

This blog is created first of all for making understandable to all, that Viking - Folk - Pagan metal is not just music but also a way of life, Odin and Thor is not only lyrics or made up heroes from a comic book, Zeus and Ares are not miniatures for tοurists but Gods who a lot of people (adding myself) believe in this Religion. Wearing a Thor's hammer aint fashion but faith.

Also, to give you to understand that Europeans are Brothers and Sisters in all its forms, we are a common Ethnos and our bonds are stronger that you might imagine at first place.

"We are born from the same womb, Hewn from the same stone"

I will post pictures, most of them with no words, just to make you think alone of what I mean! A lot of pictures will not have even a title, to make you think deeper.

Further more there will be posted also pictures of our European Lands, to be possible for us, to watch a part of our incredible beauty of our Nature and get inspired of it!

Sol Lucet Omnibus!


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